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Welcome to the 2019 season! 

Our 4th Season! Growing in many ways! Steady, determined and unwavered we aim to make this outdoor market a destination event for Creede. 

Our secondary goal is to foster trade, creativity and community by bringing individuals out of their shops, homes, sheds onto the downtown area scene for the world to see what they grow, make  or create! 

Why? Well, it's the right thing to do! Simple!

Our Community


Creede is a special place! A little raw, unfiltered and unadulterated! Not like any place else really. Too much to list. Not easily explained. Better to be experienced!

Nestled perfectly in one of the most beautiful places on the planet; the Creede caldera is here in all of its abundance. Unimaginable views are everywhere. Home to several surrounding, wild wilderness areas and one one of the best Repertory Theatre Companies in the USA hosted by a truly special bunch of folk. Have you heard about 96% public lands around us? Yup. 8852 feet above sea level? You heard it right! A little different. Refreshing.

Stop on by and say hello! 

Our Policies


Treat everyone kindly, respectfully until they prove they deserve otherwise!

This is our website and all of the stuff on it is ours. At this juncture we want to keep it that way! We made all of this ourselves. You want to use our stuff? Ask us first! Don't be a putz and just take it! We might say no to your request. Depends on how you ask frankly! 

Confused? Read the first line again!

Market Calendar

May 2019

Market Days

Friday, May 24th. 9am-2pm

Friday, May 31th. 9am-2pm

Creede Events

5/25-5/27: Creede's 31th Annual "Taste of Creede" Festival on Memorial Day Weekend. Lots of activities. More here

5/25-6/23: 19th Annual National Small Print Show starts now and this is not to be missed! 

More here
5/24-5/26: San Juan Sports hold their annual Spring Mega Sale right next to the Market. You don't want to miss this. Tons of outdoor gear. Great prices and a friendly and knowledgeable staff  More here

June 2019

Market Days:

Friday, June 7st. 9am-2pm

Friday, June 14th. 9am-2pm

Friday, June 21st. 9am-2pm

Friday, June 28th. 9am-2pm

Sunday, June 30th. 9am-2pm

Creede Events:

6/1: Creede RunOff RunOff More here

6/8: Creede's 3rd Annual Donkey Dash

More here

6/9: Creede Gravity Derby More here

6/15-6/16: ATV/OHV Bingo Run More here

6/18 & 6/20: Creede Historical Society - Summer Program Series 2019 More here

6/19: Creede Chute Out Rodeo start now and happens Wednesday's and ends in Late July More Here

July 2019

Market Days:

Friday, July 5th. 9am-2pm

Sunday, July 7th. 9am-2pm

Friday, July 12th. 9am-2pm

Friday, July 19th. 9am-2pm

Friday, July 26th. 9am-2pm

Creede Events:

7/4-7/5: July 4th Street Festival and Parade. More here

 7/4 & 7/10 & 7/17 & 7/24 & 7/31: Creede Chute Out Rodeo  More Here 

7/13-7/19: Creede Woodcarvers Rendezvous. 

More here

 7/18: Creede Historical Society - Summer Program Series 2019 More here 

7/25-7/28: Creede Sculpture Show. 

More here

August 2019

Market Dates:

Friday, August 2nd. 9am-2pm

Friday, August 9th. 9am-2pm

Friday, August 16th. 9am-2pm

Friday, August 23rd. 9am-2pm

Friday, August 30th. 9am-2pm

Creede Events:

8/2-8/4: Rock and Mineral Show. More here

8/3: Snowshoe Shuffle More here

8/10: Silver Thread Artist's Studio Tour. More here

 8/15: Creede Historical Society - Summer Program Series 2019 More here  

8/17: FOMECS Fundraiser - OLD GYM! More here

8/24-8/25: Headwaters New Play Festival, Headwaters Mountain Bike Race, Headwaters Music Festival More here

September 2019

Market Days:

Friday, September 6th. 9am-2pm

Friday, September 13th. 9am-2pm

Creede Events:

8/30-9/2: Creede Labor Day Celebration. 

More here

 9/19: Creede Historical Society - Summer Program Series 2019 More here  

9/20-9/21: Cruisin the Canyon Car Show. 

More here

The Future: 2019, 2020 and more...

Visit this spot to hear upcoming plans!

We would love to have more vendors! 

Contact us here to inquire about the details. Booth space is $10 per market day. Tell us what you make, create, paint or bake! We'd love to add your offerings to the growing mix of vendors. Call or email us today! 


Recent News

What is happening lately!


3/9/19: NEWS:  VEGGIES, VEGGIES and more VEGGIES!!! Our ever-expanding Veggies selection will start on our first Market Day! May 24th! Yes! That's right! You heard it here first! We hope to see you there because we'll have piles of colorful healthy stuff. Of course piles of stuff that is in season! 


3/7/19: NEWS:  Our First Facebook Post of the year! Announcing that the City of Creede approved our 2019 Summer Calendar of Market Days! Woohoo!!! Thank you City of Creede! 

7/21/2018: NEWS:  Our first 'Veggie-Tables' event was a success. We sold out of all of the veggies that all of our local farmers brought to the Market. We'll be doing it again next Friday July 27th. See you then! 

7/13/2018: NEWS: It is official. On July 20th we will have a full vegetable/fruit stand at the Creede Market. Come to see us this Friday. 

7/5/2018: NEWS: City of Creede approves additional market day of Sunday, July 8th. Thank you City Board of Trustees!


Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to stop by and visit during our Market Days! 

The Creede Farmer's and Local Artisan Market

10 South Main Street, Creede, Colorado 81130, United States


Drop us an email!


Interested in becoming a vendor?

It's not hard to become a vendor at The Creede Farmer's and Local Artisan Market. 

  • We have a "vendor application packet" and we'll send one out for you to complete and return. There are some rules and regulations that we have grown to need over the years. Mostly for visiting pets and on-site food preparation. Don't be alarmed. 
  • Booth space is really reasonable priced at $10 per day for an approximately 10ft x 10ft booth space. Feel free to bring your canopy tent or umbrella, table and chairs. Parking is close nearby. Loading and unloading is usually a breeze. Be there early to get set up. Food trucks and food trailers are on a case by case basis and pricing is reasonable as well. Loud generators are discouraged. Lets chat about what you have for your operation.
  • Payment is due before the start of each day or you can buy a season pass for a discount. Inquire using the "Drop us an Email" button on this page. If you hit the "Find out more" button below it will take you there as well. The "Contact Us" button at the top of the website will take you to our Facebook Page. We welcome contact from there as well. 
  • Communication is key. We regularly highlight which vendors will be at the market for the upcoming week. We usually use text/cell as a means to determine if you will be there. This is very important to participate in. Especially if you are a farm or food purveyor. 

We hope you'll join us. 

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